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Brand Ambassador


« I want to do product placement »

Do you dream of merging  PASSION and MONEY ? Do you love clothes, jewelry, sports, or fashion, are you simply looking for additional income or do you want to become a brand ambassador on   Instagram ?

We’re excited to show you how to make great partnerships with brands online! The principle is simple:

  • Step #1 – Register and officially become a brand partner.
  • Step #2 – Understand its benefits and role.
  • Step #3 – Promote the brand and its image and accumulate commissions based on its results.

First, what is a brand ambassador?

In marketing, a brand ambassador is  a person who lends his features to the identity of a company and promotes a brand , its products, and its services spontaneously .

The ambassador is above all a  prescriber who speaks positively of a company or a brand to develop a good brand image and leave a long-term memory in the minds of potential customers and consumers. « Not to be confused with an ambassador in diplomacy, a person responsible for representing a State to another State ».

Very often, companies call on brand ambassadors to make themselves known to the general public and especially to the targeted clientele. Now companies  are increasingly recruiting their brand ambassadors online .


Ambassadors are generally chosen, sought out, and contacted on social networks and then remunerated within the framework of programs organized by the brand company  through their communication  or for their notoriety, within the framework of advertising campaigns . We also speak of the advertising muse.

Looking for a brand that seeks Instagram partnerships? Do you have 10,000 subscribers? 1000 followers? 500 followers? 300, 200, 100 subscribers? You can now directly online become an ambassador or ambassador for many brands by affiliation.

Look in the menus of the online store if you see a tab: « Become an ambassador », « affiliate » or even « partner program » generally located at the bottom of the site (see example)

become a brand ambassador on a site

You will then need  to register to benefit and participate in the program of your favorite brand . In most cases, experience in the field of events, promotion, or marketing will be to your advantage. Commercial training is also welcome.

– If you can’t find the section to become an ambassador on your favorite brand’s website, don’t hesitate to contact customer service directly for more information.

By following this method you can claim to become an ambassador for many brands for men and women. Imagine becoming an ambassador for a clothing brand or a sports brand; girls why not become an ambassador for a cosmetics or beauty brand.

PS: Stay active on your social networks to discover new opportunities and see which brand is looking for ambassadors to do product placement.


  • 1) Have commissions and earn money based on your results (usually  10 to 20% per sale )
  • 2) Develop your notoriety and your influence on social networks through your commitment and your passion for your current activity
  • 3) Gain experience in social marketing and develop an additional income from home with recognized sites


Yes! Anyone can become a brand ambassador:  website owners bloggers influencers customersstudents …in short, all the true fans of a company who want to use their passion to make money online. Anyone who has these characteristic qualities and these interpersonal skills has the ideal conditions to become a brand ambassador.

  • Does becoming an ambassador for a brand commit me?

Nope! Becoming a brand ambassador is only an opportunity and generally does not require any financial or other commitment.

You don’t have any activity? Are you looking for additional income online or do you want to gain experience in the commercial field? Jump on the chance and choose to become a brand ambassador on an online affiliate store.


become an emir ice ambassador


We are currently looking for ambassadors to develop our brand image.

Our goal is to build a family within our team by giving new influencers the opportunity to start in the world of social marketing. Emir ICE online jewelry store is a brand that is looking for volunteer ambassadors.

  • What is the role of an ambassador for your brand?

As an ambassador, your main role is to promote our brand with the offered products that we will send to you. You will have to take selfies with our products and post your opinion on the article received on your social networks.

  • What are the benefits of being one of your ambassadors?

Being our ambassador brings many benefits such as the opportunity to gain experience in social marketing by being part of our great team. You will also receive free items, as well as the responsibility to share your opinion with us on important decisions for our site.

Plus, as an ambassador, you’ll receive an exclusive promo code on your behalf to give your community a great deal.

Finally, you can participate in our competitions and activities specially designed for our ambassadors.


How does your affiliate program work?

Concretely: you will have to promote our site by introducing us to potential future customers and when a person buys an item on our online store, you will receive a commission on the sale made. The higher your sales volume, the higher your commissions:

  • Stage #1  – 15% per transaction (0 – 20 sales)
  • Stage #2  – 15% per transaction + monthly free jewelry (20 – 100 sales)
  • Stage #3  – 15% per transaction + weekly free jewelry (> 100 sales)

Each time someone clicks on your Affiliate Link and/or uses your personalized Discount Code, your commissions automatically accumulate in your Dashboard and you can get paid whenever you want.

Note: to obtain your personalized discount code (example: ICE20) and for more information, register on our affiliate platform:


If you are not interested in commissions and simply prefer to buy one of our products, it is quite possible to exchange the accumulated money for items from our Online Shop… at very competitive prices. advantageous!

  • For example, if you have accumulated 50€ of commission, we offer you the pendant of your choice. The list of prices will be communicated on request to partners who have already made a certain number of sales.

If you have any questions, start by consulting the  » instructions  » section of your Dashboard then send us a message to [email protected]

Join our ranks to earn money online by promoting our products via:

  • Blog Posts
  • Advertising Banners
  • Email
  • Social Networks
  • Etc…

At Emir ICE®, we want to leave total freedom to our partners. We provide you with everything you need to recommend us to your friends/subscribers/visitors. Then, you are free to promote our products as you wish. No matter your experience, you can start making money today!


  •  What are the conditions for sending you my application?

          – No special conditions are required,  experience in the field of events, promotion or marketing can be a real plus. Your business skills will be welcome.

  • Can I leave your ambassador program whenever I want?

– Yes of course. When you want to leave our team, all you have to do is send us a message on Instagram or Messenger.

  • How do I send you my application?

         To subscribe to our partner program, simply click on the link below which will redirect you to our registration page as a brand ambassador:

You don't have permission to register